M&B Farms Photo Gallery

Have you joined our tribe movement? At M&B Farms, we strive to be welcoming and inclusive for all riders and their families. We bring together horse lovers from throughout Central Oregon to learn, grow and celebrate the joy that horseback riding brings to our lives. We offer horseback riding lessons in Bend, Oregon, as well as horse camps, horse leasing and special events for children and adults. To ease the pressure on parents on no-school days, we often offer horse camps as a great alternative to traditional childcare.

Browse our photo gallery and see for yourself all of the fun we’re having at M&B Farms. We’re your local riding place. We offer a wide range of horse education programs and disciplines including barrel racing, pole bending, showmanship, breakaway roping and more. Get to know our farm family and then reach out to join our tribe movement. We’re changing the way you think about horseback riding in Central Oregon.

Ride Out Your Dreams At M&B Farms.