Fear The Rodeo Season

Fear The Rodeo Season

This afternoon I rode all my horses and waited for my husband to bring all the kiddos home. Once they arrived, one by one, the other 4h kids started rolling out to ride their horses for the evening. I take peace in knowing all of them are on a safe horses and love riding with one another. I took this time to go inside and do some office work. Big news, we are breeding one of our mares to the prominent stallion, Best Advice! We are excited to announce this and look forward to my very first home bred baby! So, I got the paperwork in for that and then I did the thing I have kinda been nervous about doing; entering the girls for their rodeo seasons. I get nervous for a couple reasons; we don’t have cooperation from all parents involved in my step daughters lives to be able to ensure they can go to all the rodeos in their circuit, I have to drop $1,000 right now by entering them, and I have to take into consideration my boys sports as well as the girls rodeos when scheduling. It becomes a juggling act.

Some of you might not understand how a parent couldn’t be supportive of their own child’s dreams, its baffling I know. As I was thinking to myself about all the kids, I thought wow, kids can be such a doozy. I say that because when you have them in front of you, you think to yourself, these are who I love and want to make happy. Whether it’s your own kids or step kids, you can’t help but value their innocence. Then, you have deal with outside circumstances that are against helping them carry out their hopes and dreams. I constantly think to myself, what a shame. I wish that the other parties in my girls’ lives could see how beneficial this is for them, how happy it makes them. Then again, I just remind myself that I have to bow my head and just give it to god. I cannot control others, even when I wish I could help them understand, I must let them be.  My best advice to all you rodeo parents out there is this; live for your kids and they will live happy. I feel like that’s all we can hope for; that we can help be a bridge between them and their dreams, honestly, that’s all I want to do in life.

This rodeo season is going to be extra special for our family, we are sending the girls down to California for a Junior NFR Qualifying race, which is a pretty big deal! If they make it in the top 3 of their division, they will be eligible for the Junior National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. I texted my girls today and let them know their entries are paid and that I believe in them so much. I told them I really hope that they can put all their focus into making sure both they and their horses are ready for this huge race! Summer asked me, “What do we need to do” I told her to just get out there and ride! Well heck, now I am chuckling because I just texted my kid to go get on her dang horse while I am in here paying entry fees and blogging!

Regardless of life circumstances, we at M&B make the most out of our situations. Our children are a reflection of us, be kind to yourself friends.

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