Dreamchaser’s 4H Club switches things up!

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Dreamchaser’s 4H Club switches things up!

As of 2020, The Dreamchaser’s 4H has decided to make a change to their club. Please read the message sent out to current Dreamchaser enrollees!

Hello Dreamchasers! It’s been a while! I took a little maternity leave but I am finally ready to hold a 4h meeting! So I wanted to update everyone in the group of a change that I have decided to make for the sake of my family and at many parents of the groups request.

Since I am doing a rodeo circuit as well as a futurity circuit, I have decided that I will be turning our club into a gaming club. Therefore, I won’t be able to accept any kiddos that want to do anything outside of gaming for 4-H.

I have a big family and since gaming is my primary area of expertise, I feel that this is the best choice for my family and for the club. If this doesn’t interest you, I can refer you to another club that is more all around! My apologies if this is frustrating for anyone!

I will begin holding bi-weekly meetings starting at the end of this month! I have outdoor lights and the facility for the group to meet at. This also means that we will only attend gaming day at horse fair, which is Sunday.

Students will still need to maintain their books and I can help sign off, as long as kiddos are able to demonstrate their abilities.

I really am thankful for the group of kiddos that I’ve been able to be in touch with through this group. I hope that everyone can understand my position! I will be setting up the meeting through this group, so please watch for the upcoming event!

Thanks for much for your understanding!


The Dreamchaser’s announce their practices through a private group page on Facebook. Contact us today to check about enrollment availability!

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