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Dreamchaser’s 4H Club

M&B Farms is proud to be home to the Dreamchaser’s Gaming 4H Club in Bend, OR. Our club is open for enrollment and we encourage you to visit us on Facebook or contact us for information about riding schedules. OSU graciously helped us become mentors through their leadership training program and we are looking for parent help. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a volunteer or if your child would like to join our 4H club in Bend, OR.

4H clubs bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to young riders in Central Oregon and across the country. The Dreamchaser’s 4H club meets once a month and at each meeting, we practice different skills to prepare for 4H shows and the Deschutes County Fair. As of 2020 The Dreamchaser’s has decided to become Bend’s premier Gaming ONLY 4H club!  4H teaches young riders about caring for their horses as well as valuable skills related to horseback riding, community, friendship and teamwork.

The minimum age for horse 4H is nine by September 1, 2018. Participants must have their own horse or have one leased by May 18, 2019 for horse fair. Fair starts on July 18, 2019.

Contact M&B Farms for more information about Dreamchaser’s 4H Club and getting your child involved. We look forward to welcoming riders to our new horse 4H club in Bend, Oregon.

Bend 4h club

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